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Get a cash flow report for each property and define what a "good deal" means to you

Step 2

If/when you sell, save thousands by allowing your property manager's other investors to buy

Step 3

We use historical financials and your definition of a good deal to show you opportunities that meet your criteria

How it works:

Know how your investments compare By using the same financial model to analyze all the properties in your property manager’s portfolio, we can show you what the average expected returns are. Plus we can show you what to expect for maintainence expenses and cash flow!

Track your property values over time Always know what your investments are worth and see how changes in rent, capital improvements, and overall market trends can impact your properties. Hold your property manager accountable to ensure they’re increasing the value of your asset.

Build your rental business Once your property manager knows your goals, and you’re able to easily track their performance, you can focus on adding more properties to your portfolio instead of worrying about the ones you already have.

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