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By unlocking the value in the data you already have both you and your clients can increase your cash flow!

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Step 1

We analyze and enhance your property and property owner data to provide a cash flow report for each property

Step 2

We create your private marketplace where your property owners can buy and sell properties you manage

Step 3

You keep properties under management longer while increasing profitability for both you and your property owners

How we help you grow:

Establish a baseline Property owners typically hire a property manager because they’re having a problem, but once you’ve solved their problem they begin to take all of your hard work for granted. Establishing a baseline allows you and your client to know where you both started.

Track your value Provide an easy, positive touchpoint for clients by highlighting the progress they’ve made from their baseline to what you’ve helped them achieve. Ensure that they’re aware of all the value you’ve provided.

Become a valued business partner Once clients see how much value you’re adding, they can focus on buying more doors for you to manage instead of continuously calling with questions and trying to micromange you. You get happier clients, more business, and decreased client churn.

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